TWIGEL is a convenient platform and online global gift shop where people from around the world have the chance to buy and sell unique goods, while simultaneously exploring the cultures of countless countries.


Our Story

We have been fortunate enough to visit some incredible parts of the world. It’s so inspirational to observe different cultures, learn about their history, and discover their local handmade products.
So, we thought…wouldn’t be amazing to be able to shop for unique goods worldwide and at the same time have the opportunity to experience the culture of their countries of origin?
This is how TWIGEL was born…

Not just an ordinary shopping site, but also a platform where you’re able to access interesting information about the culture of the country you’re purchasing from, as well as the history of the product itself.
Through TWIGEL, you can shop and become an explorer without leaving home. Our platform gives you a chance to discover unique cultures and countries from around the world with a click of your mouse.

We’re also offering start-ups and small sellers a never-before-seen opportunity.
Whether you’re an artist, an artisan, a craftsperson or a manufacturer, we’re delighted to offer you the perfect platform on which to sell your (or others’) unique goods, as well as open your own Shop.

We warmly welcome you to join us on our journey.

Our Mission

Regardless of the immense technological development of the past few decades, humankind has started to lose touch with the origin of its cultures, history and background. Our mission at TWIGEL is to bridge the gap between technology and the past by bringing together handmade products and goods from around the world in one convenient online platform.

We bring our mission to life by delivering the perfect location for consumers to connect with cultures from around the globe. We live that mission by making our platform easily accessible to artisans in every corner of the Earth, and by directing consumers to a site that not only offers products but also provides insights into countless cultures.

What You Can Do on Twigel

Shop by country


Select a country & shop for its exclusive goods.

Explore unique cultures


Learn & Experience the beauty of the countries.

Sell & Open your Shop


Open your own Shop & Sell unique Handmade & Non-Handmade items.

Shop for unique products on TWIGEL

Customers visiting our site have a chance to purchase exclusive, unique, and premium quality items from manufacturers and individual artisans anywhere in the world. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your mother who loves French art, or want to locate a piece of pottery from the small aboriginal culture of Australia, you can find what you are looking for in our online shop. When you shop with us, you get so much more than a handmade item. That’s our promise.

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Exploring unique cultures, learning about the history, manufacturing background of products and source of items on TWIGEL

In addition to our wide selection of original products, we also offer you the opportunity to explore unique cultures from around the world. Nowhere else can you shop for unique products and learn about their origin, who made them, why the item was made, and the story behind the culture itself. We explore every facet of culture, giving you an original perspective on the world as a whole.


Sell exclusive items & Open your own Shop on TWIGEL

Our online marketplace allows sellers and manufacturers from around the world a chance to sell their handmade products, crafts, vintage and unique factory-manufactured goods globally, while also building their own shop through our platform. We support artisans, small businesses, and up-in-coming manufacturers in creating a sustainable platform where they can thrive and maintain the integrity of their products and work.

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Why Choose Us?

We firmly believe that when consumers have access to a global marketplace through which they can not only buy products but also engage with various cultures, they make better buying decisions.

When you shop with us, you not only get incredible handmade goods but you also gain an experience you cannot find anywhere else. You can engage with sellers who truly care about the products they sell. A wholly unique buying experience that includes uncovering hidden gems from around the world awaits you.

For sellers, TWIGEL offers an opportunity to showcase products without fear of being edged out by large, professionally branded corporate businesses. We’ve leveled the playing field, and provided a path to prosperity that goes beyond the retail business or local marketplace.

With more people than ever shopping and selling online, it’s time to elevate the value of online shopping. When you choose us, you can expect a better way to shop and sell.


Q. Who Shops at TWIGEL?

A.Anyone who wishes to around the world! If you enjoy unique handmade and non-handmade goods, you’ve come to the right spot. No matter the culture or location, there is something from every corner of the planet in our selection.

Q. What Can I Expect from My Product?

A. Once you make a purchase through our platform, you can expect it to arrive on-time and as described. We pride ourselves on engaging talented and professional sellers to create a shopping experience you’ll enjoy.

Q.Where Do the Products Come from?

A. We allow sellers from around the world to offer their items in our store. Some items are handmade and come from indigenous tribes, while others may originate in boutiques in Pairs. It depends on the item you purchase.

Q.Is it Safe to Shop on TWIGEL?

A. Yes! We are passionate about making sure each purchase made through our online store is safe and secure. We use the latest security features to ensure that goal is met.

Q. How does TWIGEL make money?

A.TWIGEL takes a 3.5% Transaction fee plus PayPal Payment processing fee from each sale and transaction made on our site.

Q.How can I become a Seller on TWIGEL?

A.If you’d like to sell unique handmade items or manufactured goods specific to your location, you can sign up with TWIGEL today. Our team will walk you through the process to ensure you’re properly set up for success.


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