Keiko is the owner of Fine Juvelarto. She is really excited to be making jewelry. Her creations she hopes will impress you by their beauty. Her father was an artist. So, she was happy to say that she spent her formative years growing up in a happy artist’s home environment. From a very young age she has been making artistic creations. As you check out her collection, she is certain that you will find something that she has created that you will love and appreciate. Her creations are readily available at Twigel.

All her creations are an embodiment of her jewelry collection and her artistic background. She has imbibed the best of Japanese culture and combines this knowledge with a certain refinement. After she finished studying art she began to create artistic pieces from traditional paper. Over time, she has created a multitude of beautiful creations that have motivated her into trying something even more challenging. Her love of fashion and her love of art have helped her create most of the pieces that you can find when you visit her online shop at Twigel.


Her designs are the result of some truly precise executions of her innovative ideas. She put in a lot of thought in creating each piece. Her pieces are different and include delicate pieces as well as some very bold pieces. Each piece is also inspired by the styles that she thinks up in her head. She passionately believes that when someone wears her jewelry they will end up looking more stylish. Keiko has also tried to create pieces of jewelry that embody a fashionable insouciance.

For Keiko, every piece of jewelry created by her is very personal as well as evocative. She is truly very emotional about what she creates and she has tried to make each piece reflect her inner feelings. She hopes that you will come to treasure her pieces and wear them with confidence. Keiko also hopes that when you wear her jewelry that you will embark on a journey that helps to display your inner beauty.

The simple beauty that she finds in various shapes as well as forms in nature has always impressed Keiko. She has done her best to create jewelry that expresses this beauty. Her skills as a jeweler have allowed her to create jewelry that not only complements your wardrobe but each piece will also stand out as a unique piece of art.
As a child Keiko spent a lot of time admiring nature and she spent quite a lot of time gazing up into the heavens. This is reflected in her works, which are hugely influenced by the environment in which she grew up.

IMG_2103Her focus today is to create a line of fine jewelry that will stand out and garner the attention of a wider audience. Some of her works like the White Marble Flower and the Rose Crane Earring are not only a symbol of her dedication to quality but also to the inherent beauty of everyday women. Keiko likes to make her own rules and she never lets anyone tell her what she should create. Keiko hopes that you like her collection, which she has tried to build one piece at a time. Her pieces are affordable and yet they have simplicity of nature.

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