UP Board Sample Question Paper 2021: Its Importance and Benefits

Many students, after finishing their revisions, are now looking at sample papers to learn what
the pattern of the paper will be and also to get into exam mode.

Sample Question papers are mock tests that are done every year according to the latest
syllabus, guidelines, and blueprints released by the Board. These sample papers are made
in the same pattern as the papers appearing in the examinations. Usually, all sample papers
are 100 marks and are issued to students at least 1 to 2 months before the exams so that
students can practice and prepare for the exams.

We are providing here the last year’s model papers of all major subjects.

After solving Sample Papers 2021, students will get an idea about the new exam pattern and
the level of the questions which might be asked in the upcoming UP Board exam 2021. This
is the key reason why the new Class 12 Sample Papers 2021 are the most important
resource for board exam preparation.

Several Benefits of Doing Sample Papers

According to teachers and school principals, Some of the many benefits of doing these
sample papers will help the students in many way.


1. Removes Exam Stress and Fear – Sample papers help the students to get rid of the fear
of the unknown. Students appearing for the board examination are sitting for the centralized
examination. Most do not know what the pattern of the paper is.
Sample papers help students a lot with this problem because they are essentially
board-certified question papers. Students can learn a lot about the type of questions asked
and that helps beat stress,” said Manisha Rai, who teaches in a prominent central Delhi

2. Improves Speed and Accuracy – By attempting sample papers like real board exam
papers and giving yourself three hours, students can manage their time better. Sample
papers are a very important tool for developing a familiarity with the division of marks, types
of questions asked, and exam patterns.
Previous Year Examination papers help students in improving the speed and accuracy of
solving questions. Students get to practice each subject from the syllabus completely with
the help of sample papers.

3. Increases self-confidence – Sample papers help students analyze their strengths and
weaknesses so that they can focus on weak areas to enhance their results.

When students work on improving their weaker sections, they do better with practicing
sample papers.

This boosts their confidence and they try their best to get good marks.
In addition, not only weaknesses but students can also practice their strong sections with
sample papers to increase their marks.

4. Recognize silly mistakes – We have seen many times that we are prepared for that
question and we can solve any question that comes from that topic but when we actually sit
the exam, then we make some silly mistakes because of which marks are deducted. When
you do the sample papers then you are able to identify and get surprised.

Where can I get UP Board sample papers for class 10 and class 12?

UP Board sample papers are very important for class 10 and class 12 and students who are
appearing in the 10th class board examinations should practice more and more sample
papers and get them checked by their teachers. Click here to download the latest CBSE
sample papers designed by experienced teachers as per the latest exam format, syllabus,
and blueprint released by CBSE. Practice sample papers and get the best score.
You can also download the CBSE sample paper for class 10 and class 12 along with the
solution of all subjects on this website by clicking on the link given below.