Olimpia Craciun owns UniqueLeatherBagsOly. Her store is located at str. Bucuresti, nr. 80, Alexandria, Teleorman, 140081 Romania. It specializes in selling high quality leather products. Olimpia has, since she was a little girl been interested in everything that has anything to do with art.

Whether it is painting or drawing or nature in all its elements, Olimpia has been interested in it. She is particularly fond of colors and the sun and mountains as well as the sea and animals have all attracted her since her childhood. She is also infatuated by trees and flowers and by the mysteries of the universe.

IMG_1976Her interest in such things have inspired her into bringing joy as well as sensuality in the bags made by her. She not only makes leather bags but she also paints them. She is the mother of two little girls, who love her bags with princesses. You can view these bags by visiting her online shop at Twigel.

What strikes you about Olimpia’s bags is that they are very colorful and original. Her bags for special occasions are very original and unique. Each of her bags is also very unique and perfect for taking to a special event.

Her Black rose handmade bag is not only very unique but also very affordable. It has a nice butterfly and flower on the front.  This bag exemplifies her dedication to leather craftsmanship. Her admiration for raw leather is a natural extension of her dream to create bags that are perfect in every way. Each of her bags displays her passion for leather. She has also strived to free herself from all constraints as well as limitations. Olimpia has created works of art in each of her bags. What’s more, she has put her ideas and thoughts as well as aspirations into each bag, which is not only uniquely designed but also very personal.

IMG_1970When you buy her handmade leather bags you must be thinking about all the effort and thought that has gone into making each bag. Olimpia has put all her time to good use and each bag is a living as well as breathing piece of highly functionalized art. Her passion is beautifully coupled with a determination to produce bags that embody excellence and undying patience.

Olimpia is a person whose design process never seems to end. She is continually improving her designs and whenever she comes across a new idea, she does everything in her power to ensure that the idea comes to a perfect fruition. She is inspired by everything around her and her natural state of mind helps her to constantly design new and more unique as well as interesting leather bags, which you can view by visiting her online shop at Twigel.

The nice thing about Olimpia’s bags is that as soon as she has created a new one, her mind turns to creating the next one. Each of her handbags is made by hand in Romania. She is inspired by her country’s traditional patterns. Each bag also displays her personal touch.

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