United Kingdom

The United Kingdom to the north and west of Europe and comprises of four countries: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom has a population of about 65 million people. The population includes four major nationalities including English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish. London is not only the largest city in the UK but it is also the country’s capital. At the peak of its power the British Empire ruled over almost 25 percent of the world’s population. They say the sun never set on the British Empire. This is because the sun will be shining on at least one territory belonging to the British Empire.

Places to see in the United Kingdom


No trip to the United Kingdom would be complete without paying a visit to London. It is home to some truly spectacular places including the Tower Bridge that holds the Crown Jewels. A visit to Buckingham Palace is also recommended as too Whitehall Road, which is where Big Ben and Parliament are located.


Edinburgh is a truly attractive city. Capital of Scotland, this city is also home to Edinburgh Castle. Other places worth seeing in Edinburgh include the Scottish National War Memorial and the well-known Stone of Destiny.



Bath may not be a big city like London but it has many interesting places that you must see. For example, it is home to the Roman Baths whose healing waters have healed people for more than two thousand years. Bath also boasts of excellent architectural delights including but not limited to No. Royal Crescent, which is now a museum that allows you to get a glimpse of life in Georgian times.


UK’s delightful food and drinks

The British are very proud about their foods and drinks. British food is delicious and has improved considerably in the recent past. A typical UK breakfast consists of sausages, bacon, mushrooms and fried bread that along with eggs, tomatoes and baked beans and toast and some cereal become a very wholesome and fulfilling meal.

Fish n’ Chips

Fish n’ chips along with mush peas is perhaps the most well known and popular of all UK foods. Fish n’ chips can easily be bought from any street hawker as well as from well-known restaurants. It is symbolic of British culture.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Though this dish is not an original British dish, it has a unique British taste. About sixty percent of British people know how to cook this dish without referring to any recipe.

Roast dinner

Roast dinner is another typical UK dish. It consists of meat and a couple of vegetables and is high on the wish list of every Briton. Twigel has more information about the foods eaten by UK nationals.



Traditionally, UK nationals love to drink tea. More than 165 million cups of tea are drunk every day in the UK.


Coffee has become as popular as tea in the UK. It is either consumed with milk or as black coffee. People either make it instantly or they brew the coffee fresh before consuming it.


Britons love their ale, which is a dark beer that is heavier than lager beer. Popularly known as Bitter it is a drink that is well loved by UK nationals. You can learn more about why Britons love to drink bitter by visiting Twigel.

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